November 13, 2012

One of a Kind

Blouse CAbi, Tank Anthropologie, Jeans Rock Revival, Boots Ugg, Tights Loft, Jewels lia

Couple of things going on here: 

First, my tights:  I told you so...
I am wearing them for a decorative detail with rolled jeans and short booties.

Second, the painting:  I love one of a kinds...
This has an authenticity attached, so it is the one and only.  I am kind of like that with clothes too.  If I see a rack or pile of clothes with tons of the same item, I usually won't buy it.  If there are two or three of an item, I will pick it up and hope that many people do not already own it.  I have always been like that when shopping for my home or for my person.  I love the one and onlys. 

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