November 18, 2012

For Play

Hat Katina's, Vest/Shirt CAbi, Jeans Miss Me, Shoes Ugg, Sunglasses Coach, Jewels lia

Ok, I haven't done a CAbi post in a while.  I really do have quite a bit of their clothing and love how it fits, feels, and looks.  Below is how I plan on wearing the grey "Knit" shirt.  I plan on wearing it under a sweater for my day job, with a pair of cozy pants for lounging around the house, and as you can see above, with my vest.  The "girl" below is from their website.  You can mix and match any combo to make a look.  Check it out! 
It's pretty fun!

A fun little tidbit:  I bought my mom a shirt for a gift.   After a couple of times wearing it, it developed a hole.  I felt bad since I had bought it for her, so I called  my CAbi consultant to see what we could do.  My CAbi consultant to the rescue!  She told me she had bought a replacement for me to give to my mom.  Wow, I am really impressed!  I want to say thank you for recognizing me as a good customer!

Just a shout out to my CAbi consultant, Missy!

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