October 8, 2012


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I know, I know, I am not in jeans!  I got these pants with the intention of not wearing jeans everyday to work.  How is that going, you ask?  Well, not very well.  I try to wear other items besides jeans, but when I put on an outfit not wearing them, I think to myself, "This would look so good with this pair instead!"  I then change my bottoms back into them.  I can't get away!!!  However, I do like these pants.  The fit is great!  Slim and short, just above the ankle.  Very flattering!  The Loft has been having great sales lately.  It seems like everyday they have  more of a percentage off.  Can't beat it!
On another topic, I really splurged buying this sweatshirt.  I love it though!  I try to always get things on sale.  I rarely buy items full price.  I have the philosophy that eventually everything goes on sale, just wait a few days or weeks.  It will!!! 
Just look at the Loft, and last week JCrew had a sale.
Oh yeah, you can't forget Von Maur's sale shoe room...it's inevitable!

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