October 9, 2012

nothing new

Blazer/Tank CAbi(old), Jeans Big Star(old) Shoes Ugg(summer), Watch/Bag Michael Kors(summer, but just started carrying this fall), Jewelry Katinas, lia, Sunglasses Rebecca Minkoff

The majority of this outfit is from my past.  The jeans are one my first designer pair.  My tank is one of my first CAbi purchases.   The shoes I got this past summer, and the blazer is not new (only new to me).  The only things that are fairly new are some of my jewels.  I am wearing a lot of my older items.  I would say this is "nothing new" for me, but I would be lying.  Which I don't do hardly ever!  Why start now ;)  I like to shop, is my point!

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