October 1, 2012


Hat (gift from my mom), Tank Katina's old, Jeans Mek, Bag/Watch Michael Kors,
Shoes Unknown old, Jewelry lia sophia
If you've noticed, I am not into fall, full out.  I don't want to wear all black, boots, or head to toe "all over" coverage.  I look at all my heavy fall/winter items and think I have all winter to wear these.  Right now I am enjoying the cool mornings, warm afternoons, and cool evenings/nights.  I am really loving the weather being so comfortable!
My past/present below is with my top I got last year.  It is great for the temps this time of year.  It looks heavy (because it's velvet) but at the same time it looks light (because it's a tank)...Perfect!

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Anonymous said...

Love the past/present posts.

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