October 15, 2012

Boppin' Around

Hat/Jewelry Katina's, Sweatshirt Gap Outlet, Shirt CAbi, Jeans Joe Jeasns, Shoes Ugg,
Sunglasses Rebecca Minkoff, Watch Michael Kors
I wrote this whole post about some really personal stuff, and then you know what?  DELETE!!!  This is supposed to be fun and uplifting, not depressing...Woo, that was close ;)
On a lighter note, I wore this outfit bopping around on the weekend.  Shopping, hanging with my favorite people, and shopping some more.
(there were other things too just didn't want to mention)
I think when I throw on a classic white shirt under a sweatshirt it jazzes it up.  It makes it feel a little preppy.  Then, put on a hat, holey jeans, uggs, add a great classic bag, and you're set for a day of feeling AWESOME!  Just some advise, when you're down in the dumps, get ready!
It will do wonders!  At least for me it does!!!
If you're needing an outfit for a feel good day, follow my collage below.  The pieces don't need to be exact just similar.  You'll love the way you feel.  At least I think you will!!!
I think if you get one thing it should be a classic white shirt...so versatile!

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