October 3, 2012


Jacket/Tank CAbi, Jeans True Religion, Shoes Kohls, Jewelry lia, Katina's

I saw on CAbi's blog, a yellow skirt with these two tops...too precious!  I would love to find a pair of yellow (mustard) jeans to wear with them.  I only wish I could find a pair that are really like a normal jean.  A heavier material with more of boot cut leg.  Ya know, a normal jean!  Sometimes I think I need to have my own jean line.  I have so many differnt ideas of ways to improve them.  I also think my ideas would be flattering for many body types.  I know I have said this before, "Not all ladies can wear skinnies!"

I don't care what people say!

Here is an example of my outfit above...

Also, Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband...I love you!!!

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