October 13, 2012


Hat Unknown, Cardigan CP, Tee BCBG, Jeans Unknown, Shoes Steve Madden (gift),
Sunglasses Rebecca Minkoff, Jewelry lia, custom, watch Michael Kors

Let me start by saying, "I have never been to Paris."  I do think, however, this outfit would fit in just perfectly.  I think this is what an artist would wear while sitting on a bench, with their paper, sketching the scenery.  I don't know why, but that is what goes through my head when looking back at these pictures.  It must be the hat!  Like I said, "never been", so I am probably way off base.  If I was an artist, I would paint this scenery for you, sign it, and maybe one day it would be worth millions.  Oh yeah, I'm still day dreaming, because I would actually have to be able to draw!  It's nice sometimes to get lost in your thoughts.  I am rambling, I know...  Happy Weekend!

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