September 24, 2012


Hat Brokedown, Cardi/Belt CAbi, Shirt Big Star, Jeans Miss Me Shoes Loft, Bag Michael Kors,
Jewels lia, JCrew outlet
About once a week I wear a hat to work.  It is on that day where I should've washed my hair but didn't.  I try to have classy, upscale looks when doing this, so it doesn't look like I totally don't care.  I DO care what I look like for work, but sometimes, just sometimes, I need a hat day!  When wearing a hat the other day, I was talking with a lady and she said I looked "funky".  She said, I should go somewhere, do something, and not just waste the outfit.  That made me feel good! 
 It's nice to hear every once and a while!
On a side note, I came home after work and wasted the outfit :)  Oh well, on to the next!

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