August 3, 2012

Weekly Obsession, bell bottoms

Tank Anthropologie, Tank Loft, Jeans 7 for all mankind, Shoes Ugg,
Sunglasses Escada, Jewels lia, JCrew

I know wearing bell bottoms is nothing new for most people, but for me it is.  I scored these awesome jeans at a second hand store.  How about that?  I finally found a pair that the fit is great and they are the perfect length.  Now on the other hand, you probably think I am real "brave" putting my picture next to this beautiful girl.  I just wanted to show that the outfits are similar.  I am not comparing myself to her because there is no comparison.  She is pretty perfect!!!  I am an everyday, ordinary, "normal" girl and nothing too extraordinary.  I do however, enjoy a great outfit with a trendy feel.  That is all I am showing here.

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