August 18, 2012

Cute & Comfortable

Hat Brokedown, Shirt Chocolate Peacock, Shorts True Religion, Shoes HauteLook,
Sunglasses DVF, Jewelry custom

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!!

Funny little story:  I was in my car and stopped at a red light.  I heard a honk of a horn and so I looked over to see what it was.  It was some "young" kids in a car next to me asking me to roll my window down.  I did and the one boy said, "I love your hat!"  I just said, "Thanks!" and rolled my window up.  First off, this is the first time in years and I mean years that anyone has honked at me.  It felt kind-of nice, but really what I wanted to say was, "I could be your mother!"  I didn't though and just took it as a compliment.  Oh to be young and carefree...I forget what that feels like sometimes!

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