July 18, 2012


Flannel HauteLook, Tee Big Star, Jeans Miss Me, Shoes Ugg, Bag Michael Kors,
Sunglasses Escada, Jewelry lia sophia

On this one, you'll have to do the math.  This month is my birthday month.  Yes, I did say month :)

I was actually reading a post from another fellow blogger and she was talking about being a, well how do you say it, older fashion blogger.  I really had to agree with her on a few points.  I know I am not a twenty something, young face from one of the coasts, but does that matter?  My twenty something self would never be able to have the resources my later self has.  Like a wardrobe that I would have killed for in my twenties and a good foundation of who I am and where I want to go.  In my twenties, I was too busy finding all of the things that would lead me here.

Do you ever hear the saying, "You're never to old!"  Do it because you want too not because someone said you shouldn't.  Yep, do the math and then you'll know.  Age is just a number!!!

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