July 6, 2012

For Work & After - camo

Hat gift from Mom, Jacket/Shirt CAbi, Jeans Rock Revival, Shoes old, Sunglasses DVF,
Jewelry lia sophia

I am starting a new series called, "For Work & After".  I am finding that I am wearing one thing to work then taking some things off for after work.  With it being 100 outside and 50 inside there is a huge change in how I dress for inside and out.  Above is a perfect example.  I put on the jacket to keep my arms warm but then take it off to feel more comfortable in the heat.  I have more of these that I am preparing.  Maybe this will be my summer style.  Putting it on then taking it off...  One thing that will be a constant are my jeans to some degree.  Sometimes longer sometimes shorter, but always there in one form or another.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Wear something cute & comfortable!

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