June 21, 2012

Track Tee

Tee Track, Jeans Rock Revival, Shoes Katina's, Sunglasses Coach,
Bag Big Buddha, Jewelry lia sophia

This is just a little number that I wore to the race track to watch my hubby drag race.  You have probably figured out this is our past time.  At the track that day, I got tons of compliments on my jeans.  If you noticed, they are mens and are pretty baggy, but this is why I like them.  Something just a little different.  I also got them at a second hand store for a great price.  Can't beat that either!  Sometimes tight is just not right.  Sometimes a little bigger is more flattering.  Everyone my whole life has told me I dress too big for my body.  Well, one day this will be in style and then I will be like, "I told you so!"

There is a time and place for everything.  Big and loose, completely tailored and everything in between.  Isn't that why there are stylists?  Thought so :) 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh; Love ya MOM

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