June 14, 2012

My Style - A Year Later

Sweater Loft, Tank/Shoes Katina's, Jeans Miss Me, Sunglasses DVF,
Jewelry lia sophia, JCrew

It has not been quite a year since I have started this little hobby of mine.  It seems like it though with all the many, many posts I have done.  After I took these pictures, I thought this look is similar to another one I did a while back.  Well, look below...It is!  Now only the tank and shoes are exactly the same, but both outfits have the same appeal.  It just goes to show that I have a style that I like to stick with, even after a year or years down the road.  The only thing that is a little different, is that my hair is longer...ha!

I really do love blazers of all kinds!


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