June 6, 2012

Go Big & Stay True

Tee/Jeans True Religion, Cardigan CAbi, Belt BR, Bag-Sunglasses Coach,
Jewelry lia sophia, unknown, custom

This is another post where you think I am going to talk about always living life to the fullest (to your own comfort level, whatever that is) and always staying true to yourself and the ones you love.  Nope, wrong again!  This again is all about my big earrings (which I am totally into right now) and my True Religion shirt/jeans.  Yes, I know, totally superficial and materialistic!  I have been on both ends of that spectrum.  From being someone you think I should be, to someone I want to be.  There is always time to be serious.  Right now, I just want my big earrings and True Religion shirt.
On another day we'll get serious...OK, maybe not! 

My inspriation below

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the BIG earrings - how FUN!

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