June 4, 2012

For All Mankind

Hat Katina's, Tank/Jeans 7 for all mankind, Tee HL, Shoes old, Bag/Watch Michael Kors,
Jewelry lia sophia, Mesh

You probably think I am going to get real deep and talk about how "mankind" should do this or do that due to my title of this post.  Right?  Well, no way!  All I have to say is that my tank and jeans are 7 for all mankind.  That's all!  Nothing too hard to grasp, just me styling away.  That deep stuff is for the birds :)...  Enjoy just a good ole "love my brands", post!  I am really into easy breezy and live and let live.  Do what you enjoy!  At least that is what I am trying to do...

Check out "my inspiration" below

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