May 25, 2012

Weekly Obsession, Luxury Lane Vase

My blog is all about my daily outfits, but really my first love is interior design.  Well, when I was contacted by Luxury Lane to do a review/giveaway on a pair of gloves and also a vase, I thought how perfect.  I decided to do the gloves as a giveaway and the vase as a review.  I just could not pass up the vase (the gloves also, but something had to be given away). 

Do you remember the leather gloves that I did a giveaway/review on for Luxury Lane?  If not, check it out here.  Here is my review of the vase:

Like the gloves, the packaging was perfect and packed with tender loving care.  After I opened it, I about dropped it because it is very heavy (substantial).  Again, just like the gloves, quality!   I was very excited to style the vase.  If you can tell by my pics my home has a creative, eclectic vibe.  At least that is what I think, so this vase fits in perfectly.  I tried to take pictures that showcases the vase at every angle.  What do you think?  Would you put it in your home?  If so, click here to get one for yourself on Luxury Lane's website or any of the other pretty vases.  They have a large variety.  You won't be disappointed!  I promise!!!

If you need help styling it, here is my advice to you.  Look at all of the flowers at your local florist and pick out what you really love.  After you get them home, they will go with your vase since this is your style, and this is your taste.  It will look great because it is you, so just go with it!

I hope you enjoyed getting away for a while...I know I did!!!

See below for all Luxury Lane's products

Another way I styled it...
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