May 3, 2012

Sunday Fun-day

Sweatshirt Loft, Tee CAbi, Jeans Big Star, Bag Michael Kors, Sunglasses DVF,
Jewelry lia sophia, watch Material Girl

It's Thursday! The downhill slope to the weekend. It really is a vicious cycle. I feel like I say these things a lot. It's Monday, then Tuesday and so on... Oh well, I think we all live for the weekend or at least a day off.

This outfit is a weekend or a after work look for me. This is an outfit I would wear to the grocery store or out with my mom for a day of shopping. It's cute for a loungy day but not for a dressed up look. Really, do I ever do dressed up? My up may be different than your up. I think that's what makes this fun...everyone has their own style, their own way. I guess this is mine.

My Mix...
Big Star Jeans

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