May 17, 2012

Fun, Fabulous, Fuchsia

Blouse CAbi, Shirt Katina's Jeans Miss Me, Shoes Loft, Sunglasses Coach,
Jewelry lia sophia, watch Michael Kors

I call this outfit F,F,F - Fun, Fabulous, Fuchsia.  It makes me think of a funny saying.

Forced Family Function...You know how it goes.  There are those obligations you have to do but sometimes, just sometimes, you don't want to go.  You know it's true!  The next time one comes up, just say f,f,f and it will make you smile.  It might not be so bad to go, really.  Family is family and you know what they say, When all the friends are gone who will be there when you really need someone?  Your family! 
Whether it be your mom, dad, siblings, spouse or even an aunt or uncle.
 In my experience, that is who you can count on.  Always!

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 Miss Me baggy jeans

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