May 1, 2012

Around About

Blouse Loft, Tee True Religion, Jeans Miss Me, Shoes Katina's Bag/Watch Michael Kors,
Sunglasses Coach, Jewelry lia sophia

I want to say that I totally love mixing and matching patterns.  However, I only like it when they have the same colors to pull them together.  The blouse above has all of the same colors that the tee does.  I think this is why it works.  I am not a huge fan of wearing and mixing every color with no rhyme or reason.  So in a "round about" way these two together really work.  I have another great example of this, so check back to see how I mix and match the day after today.  hugs, Kadi

My Mix...
 Loft flower blouse
 True Religion tee
Miss Me jeans

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