April 20, 2012

Weekly Obsession, in my travels

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In my travels, these are some shoes I have a liking for. 
The purple Michael Kors pair are from fall '11, but if I could find them I would totally buy them.  I haven't looked hard enough yet!  All the others are current and I do have 2 of them: the Toms and the black cross ones.  I think the Ugg wedges will be mine, in time, because I think they will look super with all of my jeans. 
Blue on Blue...
Is it time to go shopping?  Yep, I think it is ;)

It's time to announce the winner of my Luxury Lane green leather gloves...It is number 4, Elena!  I will contact you to get them delivered.  Congratulations!!!


Elena Vo said...

I just saw this...is this a year too late to claim my prize? :)

Kadi said...

Yes, I'm sorry it is. I waited a while and when I never heard from you I picked another winner. Sorry!

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