April 16, 2012

A Nod to the 80's

Tee/Sandals Katina's, Striped Shirt CAbi, Jeans Joe Jeans, Sunglasses Coach, Jewelry lia sophia

I have cute story about my Grandma, bless her heart.  Back in the day, my grandma loved Journey.  This was also the time when Steve Perry was the lead singer.  I remember going to my grandparents home and we would have the music real loud while singing right along.  Those were the days!  Well, one night my aunts and my Grandma went to see them in concert.  I love to hear these stories as they make me smile.  My Grandma thought she was being such a rebel and did not wear a bra (this makes me laugh).  What Grandma loved a band so much that she didn't wear a bra for the lead singer (Steve)?  Well, mine, I guess! 
I love her!!

When I saw this shirt I had to have it, because it made me think of her. 
Again, those were the days...Please, "Send Her My Love!"

I also want to say a special Thank You to everyone who commented over the weekend on "my 1st giveaway."  They are very sweet! 
Just a few more days until we find out who gets these lovely gloves.
Haven't entered?  click here to do so...

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