March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Coat/Belt CAbi, Shirt BCBG, Jeans Mek, Shoes Lucky Brand, Bag/Watch Michael Kors
Sunglasses DVF, Jewelry lia sophia

It is 80 some degrees here today!  Give me a break!  I want to wear my green CAbi coat but it is way to warm for it.  I at least painted my nails green and have on green eye shadow.  Is that enough though?  My hubby told me that I was not very festive because he did not see me wearing any green.  Well, I did have a plan, but it may not happen.  Maybe if it gets cool by night time I can put on my coat and be "festive".  Anyway, why do I care?  I am not a lick of Irish...Just for the fun of it, that's why!  Have a safe but festive holiday!
Remember, don't drink and drive.

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