February 3, 2012

Weekly Obsession, life's little sayings

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When I saw Rihanna in those jeans, I just had to have them.  I think they look super with a pump.  Since I don't really wear high heels, I went looking for a cute little kitten heel.  I found these cute Michael Kors kitten heels at Von Maur on sale, so I gobbled them up (they were the last pair).  The shirt I found by accident when looking for the jeans, and it so happens it compliments my shoes, perfectly.  Sometimes when things pull together so well, it must be "meant to be."

Post coming soon :)

You have probably noticed that I use a lot of "life sayings" in my blog about fashion.  Maybe it seems a little superficial to use them about clothes.  However, clothes for me, carry a mood, hold a posture, and just all around make me feel good while I am doing all of the other things in life I enjoy. 

I see my life in clothes!  What are you passionate about?  Take these sayings and put them into what you love, or your hobby.  They will make sense in your surroundings too!

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