February 2, 2012

Flower Power

Sweater/Tee CAbi, Scarf Katinas, Jeans Miss Me, Leggings Cuddle Duds, Shoes Ugg,
Watch Michael Kors, Jewelry lia sophia

I always wear my outfits for the day.  Sometimes I am able to take pictures before I get going, but other times I take them at the end of the day.  Just depends on the day, but I always wear what I take.  In case anyone was thinking one way or the other...just thought I would share.  This is why I call it My "Normal" Style, because it is my daily wears. 

On this day, everyone told me my jeans were too big.  I love them though.  Just the right amount of extra room, so not everything is exposed all of the time.  Sometimes I just want to feel comfy.  I will continue to wear these jeans because they are becoming my favorite "go to" pair.  Fashion rules were made to be broken...at least some of them!

My Mix...

Miss Me Baggy Jeans
CAbi Sweater
Ugg Duck Shoes

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