January 23, 2012

Wish List Came True

Thermal JCrew, Shirt CAbi, Jeans True Religion, Boots Ugg, Watch/Bag Michael Kors,
Jewelry lia sophia, Nails Mimosa Chanel

Well, it happened!  My husband pulled through.  See this post when I share my wish list for the holiday.  It was with some help from yours truly, but he did good.  When I was standing in line at JCrew one afternoon, during the holiday season, I was talking with a gal about what we asked for from our significant others.  After laughing a lot about how much I help mine, she said, "You must have been together for a long time". 
Yes, yes we have!

There was a time when I liked the surprises.  However, now I help him out.  It takes the pressure off of him and I always seem to get just what I wanted.  Funny how that works!

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