January 6, 2012

Weekly Obsession, ugg kicks

Ugg Shoes
                                      True Religion Sammy Trouser             VB in Baggy Jeans

If you have noticed, I am loving my ugg tennis shoes.  See my instagram and my post on New Years day.    Here are two of many ways I am going to style them.  Way 1:  with my True Religion trouser jeans...wide leg, easy fit and any top will go.  Way 2:  baggy jeans...not a perfect hem, loose fit.  This will look cute wearing a tee shirt and belt.

Also if you've noticed, I am not a size 0 or even 4 for that matter.  So, I like to wear my clothes more loose since I am not super little.  I like skinny jeans and I do have a couple pairs, but I prefer boot cut and wide leg jeans.  I feel more comfortable in them.  So, this is how I am going to wear my ugg tennies.  Until spring, then maybe I will wear them with skinnies rolled up.  Stay tuned for some stylings!

The baggy jeans pic is from 2009.  They say that the Midwest is a couple years behind on style.  Is this still true?  Maybe it is since I like this pic from a few years ago.  I just like to find different ways to wear jeans and put my own twist on it.  Oh well, I say, "Wear what you like and what makes you feel good!" 
That's the main thing...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I too am not a size 0 or 2 and I like to check your posts to get ideas on how to put a look together for a little bit larger person. thanx

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