January 17, 2012

Sweater Blazer

Hat(here) Material Girl, Jacket(here)/Tee/Socks Loft, UnderShirt(here) BCBG, Jeans Joe Jeans,
Shoes Ugg, Watch Michael Kors(gift), Jewelry lia sophia

I know the first picture in this post is from fall 2011 and I have been saving it.  I've had the jacket for a while, so this is nothing new.  My t-shirt is from winter 2011, and has the same feel as the one in the first pic.  I thought it might be appropriate to combine these two for a cute little thought. 
I even tried to pose the same, ha ha ha!

 I'm also mixing patterns from the houndstooth on the hat with the stripes on the jacket.  The socks, watch, and earrings add a hint of color.  I love to do this!  Add an unexpected element to an outfit.  The socks do it for me this time, while the watch and earrings bring the color right back up to pull it all together.

I would really suggest combining patterns!  It gives any outfit an extra little lift.  Do something little like I did, in a hat or stockings, and see it come to life.  Just a little suggestion.

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