January 12, 2012

Sixty-Six Degrees

Jacket(here and here)/Shirt(here) CAbi, Jeans Miss Me, Leggings Cuddle Duds, Shoes Ugg,
Bag/Sunglasses Coach, Jewelry lia sophia

Last week it was sixty-six degrees outside here in Nebraska.  In January!  This winter, so far, has been something else.  I am not complaining!  It just seems odd to not have any stockings on with my shoes, and be very comfortable.  I have on some colorful leggings that I wore under my jeans.  I felt that even though it was nice, it is still winter, so I layered accordingly.  I think as spring starts to approach I am going to wear these leggings (cuddle duds) with my boyfriend jeans (skinny jeans) to add a little some'n some'n to my outfits.  

Check out my weekly obsession tomorrow, when I am obsessing about bright tights.

Something new for me to style around.  Too Fun!!!  

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