December 16, 2011

Weekly Obsession, Not Jeans, oh my...Then a Change of Heart

                     Sweater Old Navy                                                    Pants JCrew

I know I only wear jeans, but this is one of a few exceptions this time of year.  I found this cute post on a blog I follow, the brunette one (see here), and loved these pants.  I already own the Old Navy sweater above, so I purchased these pants to go with it.  I think this will be a great little outfit for Christmas morning as we are just lounging around.  Maybe, just maybe, I will do an outfit post.  We'll see!

I love to look at fashion blogs to see how others style.  I know I don't comment all the time but I am out there getting ideas.  What I love about all of these blogs is seeing all of the creativity and individualism!  So, I borrow ideas from time to time...  With my own spin, of course.
Who doesn't, isn't that the point? 
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!

On a side note:
I went to see Breaking Dawn this past weekend (again!) and noticed "Bella" wearing these pants throughout the entire show.  At least, I think they are the same ones!  Just sayin :)

Ok, so I had a change of heart!  I received these pants from JCrew and I just (Oh I don't know) changed my mind.  Going back to my trusty ole jeans!  This sweater looked adorable with a pair of jeans (on me) not the pants (on me).  I just can't get away from them...jeans that is.  
They are my "go to", all of the time!
See below...

                       Sweater Old Navy                                                  Jeans Big Star

Aww, much better :) for me.  The JCrew Saturday pants are going back...  I tried!

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