December 12, 2011

Enough With The Heavy

Pea Coat/Shirt(last year) CAbi, Jeans Joes, Shoes Ugg, Socks Loft, Sunglasses Coach,
Jewelry lia sophia

I have been really enjoying my fashion blog.  I don't have many followers but that is ok.  Maybe one day someone will notice ;)

The other day my husband said, "This seems like a lot of work".  Maybe it is for someone looking in, but for me, it is hardly work.  Putting together my outfits, editing my pictures so that even a not so great outfit looks cute, and having (finding) different ideas for posts has been very creative for me.  I am really having fun!

My husband also said, "Someone that didn't know better would think you spend a lot of dollars on your clothes".  Maybe it looks that way sometimes.  However, for me this is my hobby and if you notice, I re-mix a lot. 

Everybody has their thing.  Some people have some kind of vice, some people have little ones, some people go all over the world, some people race cars ;) this is what I prefer to do.  I hope everyone has something that makes them happy!  It is going to be different for any one person.

I always want this to be fun for me and for the people reading it! 

I am going to quote stylist Rachel Zoe, when someone told her that clothes don't love you back, she said, 'They kind of do!'  I feel the same way at times... 

Oh yeah and I have a very supportive hubby!  I love him, first! 
Enough with the heavy...  The pics are fun!  Don't ya think?

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