November 21, 2011

Venturing Inside

Vest/Belt AnnTLoft, Shirt CAbi, Jeans Miss Me, Boots Frye, Jewelry lia sophia

Unfortunately, the weather is not allowing me outside much because it is so windy some days.  That's Nebraska for ya!  So, it is letting me show my home a little.  Our home is not huge, but like my outfits, I take pride in it.  I enjoy decorating, just like I enjoy styling.  Actually, I like to be creative and anyway I can do that, I will.  However, I am more of an abstract artist.  I will take a piece of art and incorporate into my home rather than make something myself.  The things I make always turn out like a diy disaster.  I am better at putting together schemes than I am at "inventing the wheel". 

I think this is why I like styling.  I like taking clothes and accessories that are already made, and making them into interesting pieces of art.  At least that is what I try to do.  Anyway, back to the point.  Enjoy my home pictures!  That's all :) 

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