November 15, 2011

Just Dance

Vest AnnTLoft(last year), Blouse CAbi (last year), T-shirt JCrew, Jeans Mek, Shoes UGG, Sunglasses Coach, Watch Fossil, Jewelry lia sophia

When you are putting together an outfit, do you ever dance in front of the mirror?  When I have an outfit that I feel has a great look I do a dance.  It is more like a sway then an acutal break out and dance, but this is what I do when I like my outfit.  If I am not feeling it I don't boogie, but when I do, I have a little pep in my step.  This is how I know when I really like something.  I don't think I do it on purpose, it just happens.  I know weird, right?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love this look!

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