October 25, 2011

New Me

Vest/Shirt CAbi, Jeans Mek, Boots old JJill, Bag Coach, Jewelry lia sophia

This "new me" look is more tailored.  Don't ya think?  I still have my comfy look by cuffing my jeans with my boots, and just being casual.  So, I guess I will probably never get totally away from my "old me", and that is ok.  At least I don't sway away from the look I like.  I stick with it!!!  Just maybe modify it a little ;)

I know I cuff my jeans a lot.  No, it's not because I am short (well maybe)!  I have some jeans that I like the way they fit me cuffed.  I have others that I get hemmed to fit me perfect at my ankle, or a little longer to wear with boots/heels.  With it being so warm lately I have not totally switched to fall/winter mode.  I guess I am still wearing my jeans how I wore them all summer.  Sooo, cuffed it is!!!

I know some people think that jeans or pants need to be hemmed  to the perfect length all the time.  I don't always agree.  I like to have options for different looks!  What girl doesn't???

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Super cute. I love to cuff my jeans too. Keep it coming.

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