September 29, 2011

Something Old

Vest/Shirt old Ann Taylor Loft, Jeans Miss Me, Shoes Katina's, Sunglasses Coach,
Watch Sophie, Ring still waiting, Jewelry lia sophia

I did fall cleaning on my closets last weekend.  Switched all my spring/summer to fall/winter.  I love it when I do this, because I find all these great pieces that I have not worn in a while.  It is like getting a whole new wardrobe without the price of one!  The vest I am wearing is from 2 years ago, and the shirt is from last year.  I put them together with a pair of flip flops, jean capri's, and voila a cute fall outfit! :) 

The next time you are feeling a little uninspired clean your closet to inspire you all over again...  I am a firm believer, whether it be in your clothes or in your home, buy things you only totally love, even if they don't match.  When you get them back to your home or closet they will go.  This is your style!  It will come to life!  I tell this to my friends and family all the time. :)

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